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Find your house type and service required, then read across and down for your price

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Terms and Conditions

  • We don’t charge a call out charge. There may be no need to clear your gutter, or it may not be possible to clear your gutters. We’ll only know this once we have a look with the high-level camera. Put simply - no work, no charge. Feel free to offer a cup of tea for our trouble though!

  • The service we offer is clearing and cleaning gutters. Once we have inspected your gutters with our high-level camera, we will advise you if we see any obvious problems (such as broken gutters or roof tiles etc.). However, carrying out repairs is not the job we do...

    • But! simple repairs can be completed. For example, re-connecting a loose gutter pipe. As always, we'll do our very best to resolve your gutter problems. Feel free to contact us for advice.​

  • The initial survey, plus before and after photos from the high-level camera, are part of the gutter clearing service and included in the cost. If you want, we’ll be happy to send you these via email or message.

  • If you need to change your gutter clear/clean appointment date or time, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

    • Note that we don’t need you to be at home for your appointment, but we do need an accessible power socket (and water tap for gutter cleaning).

  • We are transparent about our prices as detailed on the chart above. We will not charge you any extra once the job is complete.

    • Note the price chart is for typical houses and is applicable for most jobs (over 9 out of 10). If your house is atypical (e.g., exceptionally large, or small considering the number of bedrooms), we’ll be happy to provide a free, bespoke quote.

    • Moss removal from roofs is a bespoke service. If you require this, please contact us for a free quote.

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