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Gutter Problems

When they work correctly, gutters direct rainwater away from our homes. But what problems may arise if they don’t work correctly?

  • Leaking rainwater from overflowing gutters can affect the stability of the soil around our homes, this can lead to problems with the house’s foundations.

  • Basements can be flooded or damaged.

  • The extra weight of debris and static water can damage gutters, roofs, soffits and facias.

  • Static water and debris in gutters can encourage pests and insects. For example, static/stagnant water in gutters is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Static water can freeze and expand, damaging the gutter.

  • Rainwater ingress can damage ceilings, walls, plaster, and internal timbers.

  • Rainwater running down a wall can promote algae and moss growth on brickwork and paving slabs.

  • Leaking rainwater can wash away mortar joints on patios and driveways.

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