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DIY Gutter Clearing

Ok, gutter clearing and cleaning isn’t rocket science! Here are the basics if you want to do it yourself:

  • What? Clear debris from gutters.

  • Why? Debris causes gutter blockages, meaning rainwater won’t flow as it should.

  • Where? All gutters on your house and outbuildings.

  • When? Whenever they get blocked, or twice a year.

  • Tools Needed:

    • High ladder (a ladder stand-off may also be needed).

    • Suitable scaffolding if accessing above a conservatory.

    • Robust gloves.

    • Small trowel or similar.

    • Bucket.

    • Ladder hook.

    • Hose pipe.

    • Cloth and washing up sponge.

  • Safety: Working at height can be extremely dangerous. You should assess individual risks before you start.

  1. Position your ladder as required.

  2. With a gloved hand or trowel, scoop out the debris from the gutter and place it in the bucket.

  3. Re-position your ladder and repeat steps 1 and 2 until all debris is removed.

  4. Use the hose pipe to wash away smaller bits of dirt and debris. Be careful not to splash dirt over walls, windows, patios etc.

  5. A cloth or washing up sponge can be used for final cleaning inside and outside the gutters.

  6. Clean up any splashes or dropped debris from your property (patio, driveway etc.).

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
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