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The Gutter Ninja Way

Professional, reliable, fully insured. Gutter Ninja uses specialist, powerful vacuums to efficiently and cleanly remove debris from your gutters: all from the safety of ground level. Lightweight, carbon fibre poles are used to reach high levels and above conservatories.
Because the debris is sucked away, Gutter Ninja is a much cleaner process than DIY gutter clearing, reducing splashing and mess around your property.
The debris is sucked into a storage tank. Once full, the debris can be used as compost, put into the customers green waste bin, or removed by Gutter Ninja to be correctly disposed of – this is entirely your choice.
Gutter Ninja can work 100% remotely, ensuring the job is contact free/COVID safe from start to finish. Cash, cheque, or online bank transfers can be used for payments.
Gutter Ninja uses high-level cameras to take before and after gutter photos for your peace of mind that what we say we’ll do gets done. These can be sent via message or email.

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The Gutter Ninja Way: About
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