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What if Gutter Ninja Arrives and my Gutters are Fine?

You may spot a problem with your property, such as a damp patch on the ceiling, and assume your gutters need clearing out…
If our high-level camera see that your gutters are clear, there will be no charge. For example, the damp patch on the ceiling may be caused by a damaged roof tile leaking water. We’ll advise you if our cameras spot any other issues; but rest assured, you won’t be charged for this.

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How Long Does It Take?

Gutter cleaning takes a few hours to complete depending on your property size. Once you contact us, depending on our other bookings, we should be with you in 2-5 days. If you have an emergency, we’ll do our very best to fit you in.

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Do I Need to be in When You Clean my Gutters?

You don’t need to wait in for us to complete the job. We do require an external socket point and, ideally, a hose connection point. We aim to keep you informed of our planned time of arrival via text message. We can also send you before and after photos of your gutters via message or email.

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Do You Clean and Clear Out the Gutters?

You can choose just a gutter clearance to remove debris or add a cleaning too – this is extremely popular, especially for white gutters, which can become dirty easily.

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My Neighbour Also Needs Their Gutters Clearing…

This is a great way to get a discount from Gutter Ninja! Of course, cleaning a pair of (for example) semi-detached houses is easier for us than two separate houses. Let us know when you contact us, and you and your neighbour can benefit.

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What Are Your Hours/Days of Business?

We need daylight to do a good job, so generally we work dusk ‘till dawn! We can work weekends also. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

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What About Commercial Properties?

Please contact us with your commercial property requirements. The standard residential pricing won’t be applicable for commercial properties. Obviously, where there’s a traditional gutter, it can be cleared by Gutter Ninja, as long as it’s not too high. Please contact 07530 588531 and we’ll be happy to come and give you a free quote.

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